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A client once said to me, "It's amazing how you think like a dog! It's like you know exactly what they are thinking." I love dogs. I understand them. I love to teach dogs and their humans how to understand one another.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and taught elementary school for five years. Both of my parents were teachers, so teaching has always come naturally for me. As an adult, I adopted a young Labrador retriever mix from the local humane society and six months later, found a stray Doberman-Shepherd mix puppy. I became fascinated as I interacted with them and observed them interact with one another. I read every book I could find about dog training. I scoured the library for articles about canine development and behavior. The parallels between teaching children and dogs were obvious. Both respond to a kind, consistent leader. Both succeed through positive reinforcement. Both gain confidence when they understand the rules and what is expected of them.

I gradually transitioned from children to dogs and started my own dog training business. I found that my students (both the dogs and their humans) were motivated and challenged by me. The dogs were becoming well-mannered, obedient pets, and the humans were becoming educated, compassionate owners. Several years later, I now promise that both will enjoy the training process as they benefit from their newly formed partnership. With my guidance, people learn how to train their own dogs and quickly realize that there is "Hope" for every dog (and every dog owner)!

At High Hopes Dog Training, we give you the proper tools you will need for a happy future with your dog.

I recently adopted Spartacus, an American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix. He is 1½ years old and loves everyone — all animals, all people!  Besides playing with his many canine friends, Spartacus' favorite thing to do is snuggle and get belly rubs.

I was desperate when I found Hope. I adopted a special needs dog named Murphy, a 5-year-old Maltese who had been abused, suffered a spinal injury, and was surrendered to shelter to be euthanized. I attempted to use another dog trainer before I met Hope and it was an absolute disaster. He used the old-fashioned method of negative training and within minutes, Murphy was so traumatized, he was lying on the ground, unable to walk. Thankfully, I was referred to Hope! She is teaching me how to train Murphy with positive reinforcement so he can realize his potential. With her supervision and guidance, Murphy has learned the basic commands and we continue to work on his social skills. I am extremely grateful that I was referred to Hope. She has proven there truly is HOPE FOR EVERY DOG! In addition to her expertise, Hope is a wonderful human being. I can't imagine what I would have done without her!

Jillian Wagner
Owner of Murphy, Maltese

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