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Our Philosophy

We believe that each dog and owner team are different and cater our training to their specific personalities and situations.

We believe in teaching owners how to train their own dogs so that they become compassionate leaders in the human-dog relationship.

We believe that all dogs should be treated humanely, with kindness and respect.

We believe that training methods should be positive and should never cause any harm.

We believe in motivating dogs to behave in a way we like instead of constantly correcting behaviors we don't like.

We believe that training should be fun for all family members, dogs and humans alike.

June, a Lieutenant/Paramedic for the Coral Springs Fire Department, hired Hope to help her socialize and train Benny properly in order to prepare them to get certified as a team with Florida’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 2.

Benny was rescued by June when he was six months old. He came from a home where he lived tied up on a patio. He had no interaction with people or dogs, did not have any fresh water, and was extremely overweight due to complete lack of exercise and activity. Presently, June and Benny have completed the obedience part of their training and have started drill training.

Hope has made such a difference in my life with her fantastic ability to train dogs. I had two dogs that were running the show. I had very little control and was at my wit's end. Right after the first lesson, I felt so much happier. Hope had so many excellent suggestions to solve the problems I was having with my older dog. He was a rescue and had been badly abused. He is very stubborn and untrusting. Within a short time with Hope he responded, and before I know it, he was following her lead and learning new tricks. We have all learned so much and are so much happier. Hope really changed our lives and I can't thank her enough.

Dolores Macia
Owner of Val, Maltese/Terrrier mix, and Rudy, Corgi/Cocker Spaniel mix

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