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All I can say is… Bravo to you Hope! Your training sessions have had an enormous effect on me and, of course, little Molly. Raising a puppy is no easy task. You and your dog training skills have made the formation of our "new" family an extremely rewarding experience. We all knew Molly was a bright puppy, but you brought her "smarts" to the surface and allowed us to reap all the benefits of a well-trained puppy. Not only is she learning to be a well-rounded little dog, but each and every day we learn more and more from her! It truly is a team effort and all the players are loving it. Molly has so much fun on her training days, and from the look on your face when she "shows off", you╠re having a good time too! As you know, running a dog rescue and adoption group exposes me to numerous behavioral issues with all breeds of dogs. One of the biggest obstacles in our adoption process is finding adopters willing to overlook some of the "baggage" that our rescue dogs may have. Many of these animals have been neglected and abused. Some of them become timid, while others mistrust humans all-together. Just knowing that you are there with all your knowledge and patience gives me, the new adopters, and the dogs confidence, comfort, and of course…hope.

Ken Latera
Fur Crazy Pet Salon

Hope provided private lessons in our home for my elderly mom and pup. It was a great experience. Hope is very professional, knowledgeable, positive and effective. She is methodical in her approach and provides lesson notes to aide with consistency in training. She gave us insight into the dog’s behavior and information on raising a healthy, happy pet. Hope not only taught us a lot about our dog but some about ourselves as well.

Claire Metz
Owner of Abby, Mixed breed

I highly recommend Hope Cogen of High Hopes Dog Training to anyone with a fur-baby. I contacted Hope after adopting Ella, an 8-week-old Lab mix who was the cutest of the litter, of course! We had recently lost our 6–year-old Golden Retriever, Abby, to cancer. I thought getting a puppy would be just what I needed to fill the hole left by the loss of my sweet Abby. However, I had completely forgotten that having a puppy is like having a baby! At this time, I also had a toddler in the house and was in WAY over my head. I called Hope and she immediately set up an appointment with me that week. She gave me a refresher on everything to expect from a puppy. She helped me potty train and crate train Ella and taught me the best ways to solve those bad teething moments. She even helped me puppy-proof my home and teach my daughter how to interact with her new "sister". Hope's expertise was exactly what I needed to help get me through those first few months. When I found Hope, I was very desperate and regretted the decision I had made to adopt our new pup. Hope helped me get over my anxiety and taught me how to HAPPILY balance a puppy, a 3-year-old and our 10-year-old Golden all at the same time. She is a wonderful and caring dog trainer.

Michelle Mullins-Stephenson
Owner of Ella, Labrador Retriever mix

Hope is definitely worth a million dollars! Without Hope, raising and training my first puppy on my own would have been a total nightmare, and I wouldn't have known where to begin! She's given us very effective tools in training our dog and teaching us how to be great leaders for our puppy. She's helped us bring confidence out of our puppy who is very timid. Hope is professional, caring, nurturing, and extremely patient. These are the qualities that make her a great dog trainer. My dog jumps for joy every time Hope walks through the door and is eager to start our session! Thanks a million, Hope!

Ashley Duran
Owner of Kaya, Collie mix

You gave me "hope" that even a 2 1/2 year-old dog can be trained! Within no time, Ziggy was housebroken. We no longer use the crate and my carpet has never been soiled again. Each time you come for additional training, Ziggy and I learn something new. We practice what you preach and IT WORKS. You are an extremely warm and patient person who exudes love and kindness to the dog you work with as well as the owner.

Michele Goodwin
Owner of Ziggy, Beagle

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When we first called on you to help us with our three puppies, we didn't have "high hopes" or even high expectations. We figured life with three little dogs was bound to be a nightmare, but what a difference your training has made. We feel much more in control now. You are a kind but firm trainer and have totally connected with our dogs. They love you so much and training sessions with you are definitely their favorite time of the week!

Anna and Justin Talerico
Owners of Fay and Pugley, Pugs and Lily, Yorkshire Terrier

I really enjoyed having Hope come into our home to help fine-tune my obedience skills with my three dogs. The sessions were focused on proper technique and practice. At the end of every session, Hope left me notes to help me remember what we went over so that I could practice on my own. She was always on time for appointments, and her email communication is great. I would definitely call her again.

Laura White
Owner of Tiel, Kebo and Lucas, Greyhounds

We highly recommend High Hopes Dog Training. Our Redbone Bo had a few "rough edges" coming to live in a suburban home, and Hope helped us find ways to help make the transition smoother. She is a terrific trainer and our entire family enjoyed the training sessions together. Hope gave us exercises and games to play with Bo to help him understand his place in the home and feel more comfortable as a part of our family. Bo is doing great and we can't thank Hope enough.

Todd and Rhonda Marcum
Owners of Bo, Redbone Coonhound

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