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Mental health experts have recognized the role dogs can play in comforting and encouraging people who may be sick, lonely, or depressed. Dogs bring a spiritual, emotional, and physical healing to people because they provide unconditional empathy, affection, and genuineness. Often times, a dog's body language and attentiveness are all that a person needs to cope with a stressful situation or recover from a physical illness.

At High Hopes Dog Training, we prepare a puppy or dog for the Therapy Dog certification process by intense socialization and obedience training. The following are photographs taken at local nursing homes where we often visit the residents.

Your positive approach to training produces incredible results. After just a few sessions, our puppy, Callie, was happily responding to all the basic commands, and we were much happier owners. Now we take her with us just about everywhere, and people always comment on how well behaved she is for such a young dog. We're so excited by her progress; we are now working to get certified as a therapy team. Thanks to you, we have an obedient and well-socialized puppy, and that is what will make Callie a wonderful therapy dog.

Cindy Leverich
Owner of Callie, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

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