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As dog parents, we consider our dogs to be family members.  We love our dogs and our dogs love us.  We play and exercise together, socialize together, and often times, even sleep together.  This companionship does not, however, guarantee that our cherished dogs will be well-behaved.  We are different creatures, humans and dogs, and in order for our partnership to work, we humans need a clear understanding of how our canine companions think and communicate.  As dog parents, we must value the learning process and be committed to becoming effective communicators.  This can all be accomplished through reward-based training, emphasizing teaching our dogs what we want them to do rather than simply punishing behaviors we do not like.  Once dogs understand what it is we want them to do, they are quite happy to comply and are grateful for the guidance.  At High Hopes Dog Training, we educate family members and dogs together, providing both with the proper tools needed to ensure a lifetime of wonderful moments with our furry best friends.


High Hopes Dog Training group classes, including Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Obedience & Good Manners, Intermediate Obedience & Problem-Solving, Canine Good Citizen Certification Course, and Therapy Dog Course, are designed to help you better understand your puppy or dog while teaching him or her to be a well-mannered member of your family.  Participants will learn the most effective way to become loving, but clear and consistent, dog parents through use of positive reinforcement training methods.


Our in-home private lessons and day training program provide you with a personalized training program specifically designed for you and your dog.  Training goals are discussed and a schedule is created in order for you and your dog to get the very best education while at home and in the community.


At High Hopes Dog Training, we provide services to the Roanoke Valley in Southwest Virginia including the City of Roanoke, the City of Salem, Roanoke County, the Town of Vinton, and parts of Botetourt, Bedford, and Franklin counties.


Voted BEST DOG TRAINER for 10 consecutive years by the readers of The Roanoker Magazine!

"There's Hope for every dog!"

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High Hopes Dog Training is excited to announce a partnership with The Buffalo Hemp Company. The Buffalo Hemp Company is a local business founded in Floyd, VA and has stores in Floyd, Roanoke and Blacksburg. They provide CBD Oil specifically for dogs.

CBD Oil has been shown to help anxious, high strung dogs. When the dog begins receiving a CBD Oil regimen, they become less stressed, less reactive and more open to behavioral learning. CBD Oil can also be used situationally as well. Whether your dog gets anxious going to the groomer, has separation anxiety or any other myriad of stressful situations, CBD oil can help relieve your dog’s stress and anxiety.


When you use our special discount code of HHDT10, either online OR in any of their three locations, you will receive 10% OFF your total pet order.

The Buffalo Hemp Company Pet CBD Oil

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