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a bottle of CBD formulated for pets

The Buffalo Hemp Company

High Hopes Dog Training is excited to have a partnership with The Buffalo Hemp Company. The Buffalo Hemp Company is a local business founded in Floyd, VA, and has stores in Floyd, Roanoke, and Blacksburg. They produce CBD treats and oil specifically for dogs and cats.

CBD has been shown to help anxious, high-strung, or fearful dogs. When your dog begins a CBD regimen, they become less stressed, less reactive, and more open to behavioral learning. CBD can also be used situationally. For example:

  • trips to the groomer

  • car sickness

  • separation anxiety

  • loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks

When you use our special discount code of HHDT10, either online OR in any of their
three locations, you will receive 10% off your total pet order.

The Buffalo Hemp Company Pet CBD

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