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Our six-week training courses are designed to help you better understand your puppy or dog while teaching them to be well-mannered members of your family.  Information will include instructions on how dogs learn and communicate with other dogs in a way they will naturally understand.  This will provide you with a better understanding of why your dog does what he or she does. You will learn the most effective way to become a loving but fair and consistent dog parent through using positive reinforcement training methods and relationship-building exercises. 

Dog obedience training is an ongoing process.  Plan on spending 15-20 minutes each day working with your dog to gain the maximum benefit from these classes.

General Policies:

  • Owners are responsible for maintaining control of their dogs at all times.  Dogs that the trainer deems are disruptive, uncontrollable, unpredictable, or aggressive will be removed from the group class and referred for private instruction.

  • There should be ONE primary handler (per dog) who attends every class.  No more than two people may attend each class unless special permission is granted.

  • With approval from the trainer, well-behaved children 10+ may attend class when accompanied by a parent who is the primary handler.  

  • If your dog is fearful around or aggressive towards people or other dogs, a private consultation may be required prior to enrolling in a class.  In addition, any issues that may arise during the class will be addressed at the trainer's discretion.

  • By purchasing this item, you are acknowledging that you release the owners and trainers of High Hopes Dog Training of any responsibility for injury that you or your dog may incur in the course of your participation in class.  It also acknowledges that you give permission to High Hopes Dog Training to post photos of you and/or your dog on any social media outlets or on their website.

Payment/Absentee Policies

There will be no refunds.
Make-up classes are not available.

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